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Evan was first exposed to the public relations industry after a grumpy middle-aged AP reporter, who doubled as one of his college lacrosse coaches, urged him to avoid a career in journalism. Heading his advice, Evan took his talents to public relations, which allowed him to quench his media thirst without starving on an entry-level high school football beat reporters’ salary.

While in grad school, Evan got his first job in tech PR, and quickly developed a passion for breaking down complex stories to multiple audiences. But after several years in the industry, Evan became dissuaded by the PR industry culture and his future in the industry was put in doubt. Fortunately, Evan found ARPR in 2014 and has since helped grow the firm in size, revenue and prestige. Today, ARPR is regularly recognized as Technology Agency of the Year, a PR News’ TOP Place to Work and one of the top 30 largest tech PR firms in the country.

As ARPR’s senior vice president of client service and its cybersecurity practice group director, Evan’s responsibilities span agency growth and employee retention; client satisfaction, measuring client ROI and ensuring an unprecedented standard of excellence in work quality. To date, Evan’s helped grow the cybersecurity practice group from just one client to more than two dozen, earning the agency the distinctions as both the premier and most innovative PR agency for cybersecurity companies.

In 2019, Evan was named PR Professional of the Year by PR News’ Agency Elite Awards and in 2018, he received Honorable Mention accolades for Public Relations Professional of the Year by PR Daily’s ACE Awards (2018).

When his reconstructed shoulders allow, Evan enjoys a good workout and athletic completion. He is also an avid hot sauce collector, a retainer of information some deem as useless, an aspiring stock market player and world traveler. Most importantly, Evan is a loving husband and dad to two girls – one human and one dog.

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