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Always the golden child and a perfectionist, Faria had quite the time being the best sibling. Thankfully, these qualities paid off throughout school, professional and now personal life. Her very first job was at a Chick-fil-A where she worked long, hard hours. This scored her a role as the General Manager (of a $2.1 million restaurant) at the ripe age of nineteen. She has worked in retail, real estate, and technology before joining the #agencylife. Faria is a proud alumnus of Kennesaw State University and cannot wait until she can join team banter for college football (one day!)- Go Owls!

Faria prefers the quiet life in the OTP and all the luscious green she’s surrounded by. Since her time in retail or shortly after birth, Faria became obsessed with makeup. She is willing to try every beauty product under the sun after conducting hours of research. She recently got married and is a mom to three furry babies (2 cats and a black lab). Among friends, she is the crazy cat lady and proud of the accomplishment. On the weekends, Faria is cleaning and refreshing the decor in her home to match the season. She loves traveling and often wonders how many vacations are too many. Faria loves documenting her life and hopes to become the next social media celebrity, one day.

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