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Dubbed a mini Sherlock Holmes, ever since Gabby was a little kid if something caught her attention, she had to pick it up and touch it until she figured it out. Driving her family crazy, she was an explorer by nature, going everywhere she was not supposed to, leaving anything in its proper place after passing through. Even now, if something goes missing, all fingers point to her because, as her parents still say, she is “the girl who has to touch everything!”

Today, the same passionate curiosity still drives her to seek out how and why things work. After studying journalism, political science, and information systems at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gabby entered the world of marketing and public relations through various roles, from being a marketing manager at a startup wellness facility to honing her media relations skills at a boutique B2B agency, securing coverage in a variety top-tier trade publications, such as Franchise Times, Mashed and Microgrid Knowledge. As an undeniably digitized member of gen Z, she is excited to bring her love of relentless research in the B2B tech space to ARPR. Gabby is ready to put her hands on anything because she is the girl who has to touch everything!

Outside of work, Gabby continues to raise the bar as a weightlifter aspiring to perfect her snatch and clean and jerk on a national platform someday. When not in the gym, she can also be found walking her mini herd of Irish Wolfhound pups around the block or scouring the Raleigh area for some decent Cuban food. 

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