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Jason Axelrod’s professional journey began with a horrific tragedy in middle school—he discovered that his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut required great math skills. With that dream shattered, he turned his career aspirations towards his primary passion: the written word. When a math professor later urged him to become a writer, Jason knew he’d probably made the right call.

Jason first broke into news at The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs), and then embarked on an award-winning journalism career. His articles and visual media have been published in USA Today, The Seattle Times, The Arizona Republic and other media outlets. He’s won statewide, regional and national journalism awards from the Arizona Press Club and the American Society of Business Publishers and Editors.

He’s also gotten to attend the U.S. Open golf tournament, demo an autonomous bus and visit multiple Arizona arcade bars while on the clock—all in the name of very hard-hitting journalism, of course.

In March 2021, Jason found himself at a career crossroads during his fifth year as a writer/editor at a B2B news outlet. He enjoyed the B2B world, but instead of just writing to inform professionals as he’d done, he wanted his writing to foster relationships and to grow business, too. He also wanted to find a way to do all of that while writing about his favorite topic—technology.

So, Jason traded in his reporter’s notebook for FreshBooks and made the jump to ARPR as the agency’s first senior content writer. He continues to nerd out over technology daily (“Wait, data centers now have whaaaat?!?”), and he hasn’t looked back since.

The jump to content marketing wasn’t too drastic, either. Jason still weaves engaging, SEO-driven writing into flowing narratives that efficiently teach readers complex subjects. But now, Jason’s narratives show off the sponsor’s expertise and guide readers to the next part of the marketing funnel.

When he’s not brandishing a thesaurus at a pesky sentence, Jason spends most of his time around music. Jason graces stages around Metro Atlanta as the bassist of gritty blues rock band The Night Howlers, which released its debut EP on all music platforms in 2021. You can often find him writing music on guitar or doing something one might call dancing at live rock shows. He also loves reading, doing various activities outdoors and traveling around the world.

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