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Kristen made her way to Atlanta after her family said – in what some proud Texans might call a blasphemous statement – “There’s more to life, get out of Texas,” and encouraged her to travel and see the world. So, she picked up her boots, passport and backpack and headed to India where she fell in love with communicating ideas and breaking barriers. Soon after, while living in Washington, DC, she got her first public relations win – and there was no turning back.

As a strategic content creator and storyteller, Kristen develops strong messaging that drives conversations and creates an echo-chamber of support. She believes everyone has a story to tell, but it’s how you frame it that cuts through the noise and secures that media hit! Her time in DC has left her with a strong background in client services and grassroots coalition management as well as insight into navigating the media landscape on regulatory and legislative news that our clients’ industries may face. Congressional hearings? She’s written a testimony. City council meetings? She’s also done that. Nothing is too small for Kristen when it comes to championing her clients and creating a winning strategy for them. She also works with executives in honing their voice to become thought leaders in their space, helping them score segments on CNN to landing bylines in trade publications.

Today, Kristen brings her skills to ARPR’s health technology and cybersecurity practice groups, where driving change and amplification have proven results.

Kristen graduated from the University of Georgia with two degrees in Public Relations and International Affairs, with a focus in national security.

Outside of life as a communications and political junkie, Kristen enjoys Atlanta’s growing food-scene with her husband, Norman, and is on the constant search for the best taco. She also continues her love for traveling and feeds her addiction of spy novels.