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Pronouns: he, his, him

Patrick first fell for public relations when he heard how unhappy his friends were at their jobs. Bored with their work? Do the same thing every day? Wear a tie to the office? It was as if his body was being drained from kryptonite. Thankfully, he quickly found a different path. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in communications and an internship at a boutique New York City PR firm, he hit the Atlanta market at full speed in 2015.

Now with nearly 6 years of agency experience under his belt, Patrick has worked with clients in a variety of industries: from B2B AI tech to banking to retail and almost everything in between. At ARPR, he’s found his niche in the worlds of fintech, cloud and cybersecurity – ok, a few niches.

Before ARPR, he was a senior account executive specializing in media relations and content development at a top 15 Atlanta PR firm. An avid writer, Patrick is always looking for ways to improve and sharpen content whether it be long-form articles, thought leadership blogs or snappy social posts.

In fact, Patrick spent two months in Berlin writing his first book and has a personal blog where he publishes short stories.

For a well-rounded dose of PR wisdom, cartoons and music news, follow Patrick on Twitter at @pchristman92.

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