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Passionate about breaking down the barriers between communications, marketing and sales, Renee has made it her mission to blur the lines between these disciplines. A rare (read: nerdy) combination of right and left brain, Renee’s had a passion for writing ever since she was young; likely a result of her hours voraciously reading Sweet Valley High, The Babysitters Club, Michael Creighton, Stephen King and James Patterson growing up as an only child (and if you think that’s a random mix of books, you should see what she reads as an adult). At the same time, Renee aced the science section of her ACTs and has always had a knack for math. So, in her career she’s found a way to marry these talents by bringing an analytical, scientific approach to PR, typically known more for its relationships and storytelling than insights and analysis.

Renee joined ARPR in 2016, when she spearheaded the launch of the agency’s digital marketing services, making ARPR first B2B tech agency to offer lead gen. In 2021, she propelled double digit revenue growth for these services, which are leveraged by 75% of the agency’s clients.

As ARPR’s executive vice president, Renee oversees the agency’s Panorama Approach – bringing our Army of Awesome’s media relations, content marketing and social media successes together with lead generation and nurturing to close the gap between traditional PR and sales. Her favorite part of this role is finding creative ways to apply lessons from marketing and sales to PR, and vice versa. For example, she’s lead ABM-driven media relations campaigns resulting in top-tier coverage, newsjacking-oriented email marketing initiatives prompting directly into sales and oversees the agency’s award-winning measurement capabilities.

Named PRNews’ 2019 Innovator of the Year, Renee is past president of AMA Atlanta, the American Marketing Association’s third largest chapter. In her spare time, you can find her leading a troop of Girl Scouts (hit her up if you need cookies), photographing national parks, scouring Pinterest for crafting inspiration and loving on her fur babies, Maddie and Lucy.

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