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Renee is a rare (read: nerdy) combination of right and left brain. She’s had a passion for writing ever since she was young, likely a result of her hours voraciously reading Sweet Valley High, The Babysitters Club, Michael Crichton, Stephen King and James Patterson growing up as an only child (and if you think that’s a random mix of books, you should see what she reads as an adult). At the same time, Renee aced the science section of her ACTs and has always had a knack for math. So in her career, she’s found a way to marry these talents by bringing an analytical, scientific approach to PR, typically known more for its relationships and storytelling than insights and analysis.

As ARPR’s vice president of analytics and digital marketing, Renee is head coach of the inbound marketing team. She brings our Army of Awesome’s media relations, content marketing and social media successes together with lead generation and nurturing to close the gap between traditional PR and sales for winning results. She’s no stranger to traditional PR though, landing clients headlines in outlets like Yahoo!, Time and CNN, as well.

Past president of AMA Atlanta, the American Marketing Association’s third largest chapter, Renee now serves on the board of her local Bark Park in honor of her fur pups, Abbey, Lucy and Everest. In her spare time, you can find her photographing national parks or scouring Pinterest for inspiration for her latest craft project.

Follow Renee @imapepper (an homage to both Dr. Pepper and her love for hot sauce) for more.

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