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Born in the Big Easy with a spoon full of gumbo in her mouth, then growing up in the vibrant, multicultural SoCal, Taylor has been able to quickly adapt and appreciate unique cultures and customs. She also never quite understood the meaning of “stranger danger.” So, it wasn’t a surprise to her family when she chose public relations as her career choice. 

Taylor’s love of people landed her internships at a few notorious PR firms in Los Angeles, but she soon realized being a Hollywood publicist wasn’t her calling in life. So, she made her way further east and began her technology communications career in Austin, Texas. When she wasn’t chowing down on Texas barbeque, she was landing IT clients in well-known outlets like TechTarget, Authority Magazine, Robotics Business Review, ChannelPro Network, and more.

Now back home in the Crescent City and enjoying unlimited amounts of crawfish, Taylor is an account manager at ARPR, where she supports the agency’s Cloud and Cybersecurity Practice Groups, leading media relations and content development efforts. As a result of her work, she has garnered dozens of media hits for her clients in tier-one publications, such as SC Mag, TechRepublic, Dice, Infosecurity Magazine, The Washington Post, IGN, and more.

When she’s not grabbing a quick coffee or lunch with journalists, you can find Taylor at happy hour or continuing her search for the best po’boy in town…and then sweating it off at a boxing class.

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