Soundbyte Media Training

Today, journalists and influencers discover stories and sources by checking out an executive’s Twitter, or by reading a contributed article or blog post. They don’t wait for press releases to cross the wire or for PR teams to pitch them new product stories and company announcements. In this fast-paced world, technology executives should be ready to respond immediately on message to media inquiries and feel comfortable sharing corporate messaging — even in crisis communications situations.

ARPR’s half-day, onsite, custom media training program, Soundbyte, includes:

  • Media training manuals full of tips, tricks, best practices, key phrases and reporter insights. You get to keep this manual (forever), and we recommend dusting it off before every interview.
  • Messaging review and workshop on turning an elevator pitch into a quick “soundbyte” that sticks.
  • Interactive Crisis Q&A, including techniques on how to block-and-bridge when faced with tough reporter questions.
  • On-camera video practice and instant feedback on posture, tone, delivery and messaging.

These custom sessions give executives the tools they need to ensure they effectively communicate their brand message to positively promote their organizations. Want a preview of what you’ll learn?

Click here to watch our video regarding the top (sometimes sneaky) interview techniques used by media.

Social Media Training

With 2 billion people active on at least one social media channel, not one single brand big or small should be dismissing its marketing and sales powers. However, with platforms changing their algorithms and features Every. Single. Day., how is it possible for you to keep up? More so, how can you strategically and effectively approach marketing, media relations and sales on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+ and whatever the next super social channel will be tomorrow? Well, have no fear, ARPR’s social media training sessions includes:

  • A two-hour interactive training with up to 10 participants that provides detailed social media strategies and best practices for:
    • Optimizing social media profiles
    • Engaging influencers in real-time
    • Live video
    • Effectively using social media live from trade shows and events.
    • Responding to challenging customer questions
  • A custom social media manual with best practices about your top performing social media channels that includes dos and don’ts, strategies for finding influencers, groups and hashtags, etc.

The session wraps up with a 30-minute Q&A, then a social media show and tell where we’ll showcase specific examples where all of the strategies and tactics combine to help companies cut through the clutter to find social media success. You’ll leave the training ready to tackle that tweet and turn it into a sale.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is rated the top social network for lead generation. In fact, 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn. If your leadership and sales team aren’t taking advantage of all the benefits of this professional network – we’re here to help. Our LinkedIn for Lead Generation training is a two-hour interactive session for up to 10 people.

Investor Pitch Training

A strong pitch can lead to millions in investment, increased valuations and key partnerships. But let’s face it, bragging about yourself and standing in front of rich strangers is daunting. Our pitch training will get you ready for your big moment, regardless of the type of event or investor you’re pitching. We’ll coach you through each slide in your deck, refine your pitch based on what investors really want to hear and pitch practice on-camera. From key messages to storytelling to eye contact and gestures – you’ll be confident and prepared.

“Some of the best media training I have received.”

“Still the best [training] I’ve had.”

– Sovos Leadership Team